Method 1: Setup In Windows 10 System
Step 1: In Seach box -> Enter update -> Click Check for updates

Step 2: At Windows Update -> Select Advanced options

Step 3: Choose how to update are installed -> select Notify to scheldule restart (default is Automatic (recommended))
* If using Win 10 Pro -> you select the Defer upgrades option.
In addition, you can choose how to choose delivery from the system

The setting above does not completely disable windows update 10 but it will send a notification to the user before the update, giving you time to prepare in order not to affect other activities on your computer.
In addition, you should disable the Windows Update Delivery Optimization feature to reduce the bandwidth during use as this is responsible for the slow down of the network.

Another way to disable the Windows 10 update is to disable the user in the service.
From the search box -> Enter the word “service” -> Select Services

Drag Windows Update -> select Properties

On the Garenal tab -> Starup type -> select Disables -> select Apply -> select OK

So how to disable shutdown update windows 10 by setting in the system.
Method 2: Using the Software
Step 1: First you need to download a tool called Show or hide updates
Step 2: Next you run the file and click on the Hide updates button.

Step 3: Here you uncheck the Windows 10 update.

So that’s how blog has introduced you how to turn off the Windows 10 update. However, according to information that grasp, Microsoft will have a policy of “force” users to update to Windows 10, so the way This project is only temporary. Also refer to how to fix the black screen error Windows 10 at startup to improve their knowledge.

You can refer to the article below for more information :