Actually Microsoft did anything to encourage users to upgrade to Windows. For them, the users who upgrade to Windows 10 more and more will help the airline more easily in the focus assist, develop and make money from this new version of Windows.

However, in addition to “seduce” upgrades from Microsoft, users should also look back at the problem.If the upgrade version of Windows 7, you will get a lot of advantage. So what is specific? Please refer to the reasons why upgrading to Windows 10 here.

1.Free upgrades :
Traditionally, the user must always pay to upgrade to the new operating system version of the Microsoft. However, with Windows 10 then reverse completely.

If you are using a version of Windows 7 or 8 is not for business, you can upgrade to Windows 10 completely free in the first year of release (as of July, 2016). And one thing to note is that Windows is the last version of Windows, and from now on it will be studied, tested and updated as a service.
2.The best gaming performance :
While many gamers still faithful to the console game on the PC was not “smooth” by. However, with Windows 10, due to the added a number of features and components in the optimal gaming experience on Windows PC 10 was identified as better, full of features that gamers will like when “war”.

Besides, drivers Xbox One integrated seeds along the application allows Xbox users to connect with friends all right on the console device, and from there can share the image screenshot game or DVR clips in the game without resorting to third-party software.

Finally, the key ingredient is the presence of DirectX, DirectX 11. This latest version brings many significant features such as reduced power consumption, increase the frame rate and better support the advanced graphics effects today. If you recently purchased a new graphics card devices released recently then surely DirectX 11 also lies in the support list, and it only fully works when you use a computer that is running Windows.

3.The appearance of “Get Windows 10” :
If suddenly one fine day, your Windows screen appears a window with the text “Get Windows 10” then congratulations, you cannot escape having to upgrade. The case if you’re using Windows 7 or 8, this message will appear in the Taskbar “permanently”, and sometimes finer turned up to convince you to upgrade.

If you want to upgrade, then here is a message quite glad you were able to upgrade free of charge. If you don’t care then actually found quite annoying. Beside that, Microsoft also automatically download the installation files of Windows through Windows Update without the consent of the user. However, Microsoft confirmed that this is a wrong action but it is worth to consider.

4.The new and exclusive features :
Besides, the Windows interface 9 is also equipped with a number of new features and is considered authoritative. Including Continuum-auto interface changes depending on the equipment in which it is active, Task View-creation features and management of virtual desktop, Microsoft Edge-new web browser has inherited the objectives “career” of Internet Explorer.

Perhaps, it’s pretty flawed if not talking to Cortana, virtual assistant that helps you manage and arrange everything on Windows 10. You can talk or use the keypad to enter the required search to Cortana suggests to you the results from the web, system, email, music and much more.

Cortana even know … laughing! and do a lot of stuff, as well as get to know you through the action and thereby suggests and serves content and manipulate news relevant to you.
5.The best supported hardware :
Any user who uses the computer equipped Intel processor Skylake on Windows 7 or 8.1 will only get serious security patches to 17 July 2017. And when this time limit runs out, if you want to get a lot more support, you must upgrade to Windows.

Not only that, the next generation of processing such as Intel Kaby Lake and 820 Snapdragon will only work on Windows. So, basically if buying new hardware in the future, you must upgrade the operating system to Windows 7, though like it or not.
6.Windows 10 very safe :
Maybe this is a reason of dispute. But every version of Windows has a certain support lifecycle, and in that time, then Microsoft will provide the maximum support of security. Accordingly, there will be two waves of support for Windows, including the mainstream support and extended support. The only difference between the two waves of support is extended support will not include non-security updates, as well as new features. And both provided security patches throughout the life cycle.
Therefore, to avoid falling into the “old” then the upgrade to Windows 10 will bring a longer support period. Besides, in a recent interview with the head of Microsoft’s Marketing Division, said Chief Chris Capossela said Microsoft is pushing to work with the hardware and software partners to take advantage of Windows 7, which aims to enhance security for Windows 10.

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